Scrubz: Cheap, Fast and Easy
Hi-Quality Content Maker

Scrubz is an extremely easy to use Tuel that assists content publishers in creating high quality, human approved content in the fastest and most effective way possible.

The Perfect Blend of
Your Old-Fashioned Human Common Sense
and Cutting Edge, Hi-Tech Automation!

Scrubz takes a bunch of RSS pheeds for almost any topic you want in niche after niche, and then lets you pick and choose which RSS "items" that meet your high standards, then create your own custom pheed using only items of the highest quality.

You'll Feel Pride and Power

No more "anything goes" on your web pages. With Scrubz you take back control of your web pages, emails and everything else that uses RSS pheeds. Stop allowing anyone  to put anything on YOUR publications and start feeling PROUD of your publications, knowing you are producing good, interesting content.

Scrubz allows you to edit each item which gives your RSS content the advantage of being "human approved". Here's just a few suggestions showing how you can make each RSS news item "your own".

  • Add your own opinion about a resource, giving it your own personal touch.
  • Give a rating system for each RSS item you use, like "thumbs up" or "4 star resource".
  • Quickly and easily rewrite the description giving you original content for the search engines.
  • Use the handy Preview function and links to copy/paste short quotes and snippets from articles and news stories.
  • Combine any and all of the above to truly one of a kind, high quality content.

A Quick Fix Immensely Increases the Quality of Pheeds in Minutes
- You can greatly improve the quality of your RSS pheeds by simply checking them before you use them, and deleting the obvious junk and duplicates. This takes mere minutes, yet will greatly improve the quality of content for anyone that utilizes RSS pheeds for content.

Reduces or Even Eliminates Mental and Writer's Blocks by Auto Brain Storming
- By gathering summaries of the freshest content you don't need to be nearly as creative as you do writing totally original ideas because you are REWRITING, not writing. Over the long haul, this can be a huge difference on your health, happiness and well-being, by eliminating the pressures of having to meet deadline after deadline with your own creatives.

Perfect for Outsourcing: Get One for Your Writers
- Do you have access to writers? Have them create custom edited RSS pheeds for you...Because Scrubz is so fast and easy to use you will greatly increase the productivity level of any and all of your writers that exploit Scrubz.

Multiply Your Efforts: Join Up with Other Scrubz Partners
- A great idea is to share your own Scrubz pheeds with others also offering high quality Scrubz pheeds. If just three of you team up and each spend just a measly hour a week creating a top notch pheed, you each could have three high quality pheeds to use on your web pages, blogs and email newsletters. What a great investment of time.

Be Safe and Legal
- With all the commotion and debate about copyright laws, it's better to be safe than sorry. By writing your own descriptions and giving opinions, you can be sure you not only have original content, you also are far more likely to be the official copyright holder of anything you write.

Eliminates Doop Content for Maximum Search Engine Potential
- By mixing and matching only the best items, then <optional> adding your own descriptions, reviews and comments not only creates interesting content for humans, it also is exactly what the search engines are looking for, and that is unique strings of text.

It's an easy system to completely master.

  1. Simply enter some RSS pheeds and news resources you want to monitor. The FREE Newz Tuel makes it fast, fun and easy to find RSS content.
  2. Select the news items and blog comments you want to keep by simply checking a box for each RSS item you wish to include.
  3. Edit the items if you wish, adding your original opinions and descriptions. (Suggested)
  4. Enter your FTP info.
  5. Click "Publish" and you've got a brand new, totally original RSS pheed to use in all your publications.

Highest "Quality to Effort" Ratio on the Net!

Think of this system as your own news media outlet, with much of the work totally automated. The only exception is with quality control and Scrubz allows you to put the human touch were it is most needed: On the content!

The Newz Tuel is just like your own news reporter robot that goes out and collects all the news and blog posts on the subjects you want to follow, then delivers its reports and updates straight to the "editor's desk":  Your PC.

Use Scrubz to be the editor of your newspaper, picking and choosing only those news stories are "fit to print" and editing them for original content, opinions and editorials, creating your own headlines and story lines, just like any real news publication.

Then you use a any of a vast variety of RSS programs. These programs act as the   "paper boys", automatically delivering your custom eNewspaper to all your readers and subscribers.

This works with any system that uses RSS for content, including RSS2Blog, Awebber, Carp, plus our own ZZ Tuel, BlogBomb, GodfatherBomb and The Tuelz Rebrander.

Use with a Gazillion Different Niches!

Here's an example...Let's say you want to have a high quality eNewspaper about search engines and search engine marketing.

You will simply create a category in the Newz Tuel called "seo", then subscribe to a bunch of RSS pheeds from Danny Sullivan and other well respected SE experts that offer RSS, monitor news from Google and Yahoo about related keywords and keep an eye on some of the blog search engines for keywords like "Google" and "search engine optimization".

And The Newz Tuel makes it really easy to report on news from Yahoo and Google News, Ice Rocket for blogs and more...All you have to do is enter your keyword phrases and The Newz Tuel will do the rest.

Then once a week use Scrubz to pick out only the PRIMO resources, articles and news stories from those collected for you, add your own comments and publish your Scrubz RSS pheed.

Now, add this pheed to a program like GodfatherBomb which will handle all the email publishing and sending, and seo archiving of the pheed, and you have a high quality eNewspaper with the minimal effort on your part.

Semi-Automatic, Rapid-Fire Content with High Impact

Multimedia Bonanza
Use your Scrubz to build quality RSS pheeds web pages, portals, archives , blogs and newsletters, all automatically (additional software required, many free). Each type of media allows for an additional marketing and promotional opportunity.

RSS Pheed Builder
By creating your own original, quality RSS pheed you can use the ping services to help promote your content. Pinging can bring search engine spiders, back links and direct traffic and is another benefit of using Scrubz to make RSS pheeds.

Laser-Target Affiliate Programs to Create Custom E-Catalogs
Use Scrubz with an Amazon, a Click Bank RSS pheed, or RSS pheed from any merchant that has them and easily select the most targeted items for all your publications, for fast and easy revenue streams  with a click of your mouse. Use Scrubz  each time you update to select the most appropriate items, as well as remove "out of stock items", before publishing them in your web pages and emails.

Remove Dupes
A sure sign that you aren't interested in your own content is having many duplicate items in your RSS dependent publications

Perform SEO and Add Keywords
Scrubz allows you to inject relevant, powerful keywords into your pheeds, extremely helpful for SEO and SEM.

Creating good Scrubz content does require some effort on your part. Scrubz makes generating original content a lot easier, but you still have to apply your own "elbow grease".

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