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The Tube TuelBox is the most complete and powerful video marketing package available, bar none.

The sales page for the Tube TuelBox has 3 options for your customers:

 ✓ Tube Live Events Tuel software ($37.95)
 ✓ Tube Keyword Tuel software ($27.95)
 ✓ Both software programs plus exclusive video ranking training and resources. ($47)

See the Tube Tuel Sales Page for additional info:

Commissions 50-60%

Affiliate program handled through JV Zoo.

50% for sales 1-50.
60% for sales 51+

Depending on the package customers select, your commissions for each sale will be:

50% (sales 1-50)

60% (sales 51+)

Introduction to the Tube Live Events Tuel

The Tube Live Events Tuel is new, cutting edge software that helps users rank videos before they make them.

Here's how it works...Both Youtube and Google will often rank Live Events before they are actually broadcast. This means people can create Live Events and see which ones rank for various keywords BEFORE actually creating video content for those Live Events.

Once your people discover which Live Events rank, they then upload a pre-recorded video to the Live Event using free (or cheap) live streaming software.

The Tube Tuel helps your customers find the best keywords for Live Events, then helps them create Live Events in their Youtube channels and then checks to see which Live Events are ranking.

When folks see which Live Events are ranking, they then upload their videos to the Live Events, picking and choosing the keywords they rank for BEFORE they create videos.

Included in the Tube Tuel software are the following modules:
  1. Unique YouTube Keyword Generator
  2. YouTube Keyword Competition Checker
  3. Live Events Poster
  4. Google Rank Checker for the Live Events

Watch this short video to see the Tube Live Events Tuel in action:

See the Tube Keyword Tuel in action:

Again, customers can buy either software programs or the Tube TuelBox which includes both.

Even More Value Added:

The Tube TuelBox download package also includes these high-quality additions:
  • Youtube Authority Builder Report and Software explains how to increasae authority to Youtube videos and channels.

  • The Toob Ring of Fire Report details how to set up an automated link network for their Youtube Videos

  • Video SEO Thunder is the most complete on-page Youtube optimization resource available, bar none.

Bonus resources include:
  • More than 2500 "Tips" Suggestions for videos.

  • Over 4000 "HowTo" Suggestions for videos.

  • 2600 businesses to use for local marketing.

  • Google Earth Pro Money Report - Details tons of ways to make money with the Google's free Google Earth Pro software. Google Earth Pro is great for creating travel/tourism and local videos and this special report shows your folks how to profit from these videos.

Affiliate Details:

Tube Tuel Affiliate Sign-Up Page:

Better Than OTOs, Upsells and Downsells
I send payments to affiliates for products they've never promoted!

Evergreen sales funnel: The Tube TuelBox and each individual software programs are in the same JVZoo funnel with about 15 of my other video related products. If you've been approved for any of them, you are be approved for all of them.

As I release new products and add them to this sales funnel, if you've sent folks to any of my sales pages in the past you can earn money from sales for future products.

And as I send follow-up emails to buyers of these Tuelz products. introducing them to other products, your affiliate cookies can give you credit for sales for all the other products in the sales funnel well after the initial sale.

Here's just a few of my other products in the same funnel:

PowerPoint Speak Easies Volume #1 - The original collection of Speak Easies talking characters.

Speak Easies Volumes #2

Speak Easies Volumes #3

PowerPoint King Tuts - The Ultimate training course for creating videos that make money using PowerPoint:

Emotion Potion and The Video Gap - Animated video characters plus a complete step by step video script writing system.

EZ Video Dynamo - A collection of fill-in-the-blank PowerPoint templates for creating "explainer" marketing and squeeze videos in minutes:

Animation Sensation - 7 high quality animated characters in a wide variety of poses and emotions.

Again, there are a number of other video related products in this sales funnel ranging from about $15-$27.95 at 50-60%. If you are approved for one, you can sell them all...and you can get credit for them all, assuming your cookie is the last one placed in the customer's browser.

Tube Tuel Affiliate Sign-Up Page:

Affiliate Terms

✓ No negative campaigns, such as using words like "scam", etc.

✓ Any email marketing must be from your own opt-in list. Please no solo ads or safe lists or similar third-party email marketing.

✓ You can't buy using your own affiliate link(s) in order to get a discount by earning a commission.

✓ No cash rebates can be given as an incentive for people to buy.

✓ Only legit and real bonuses can be added to this offer.

✓ You must abide by the general terms and guidelines of the USA's FTC.

✓ You will need to have at least 50 sales and most likely 100 sales, with a low refund rate to be approved for instant payments.

✓ Any violations may result in forfeiting your commission.

Suggested Email Subject Lines and Web Page Headlines:

Can You Really Rank Videos Before You Make Them?
Discover How to Rank Videos Before You Make Them
Is This The Most Powerful Video Marketing System Ever?
The Insider's Secret To Video Marketing That Get Results
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Tube Tuel Affiliate Sign-Up Page:

Sign up now...I'm looking forward to working with you!

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Kurt Melvin