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Hi, I'm Kurt Melvin and I've been doing Searrch Engine Optimization since 1996.

Let me tell you, yes, you can really rank videos on YouTube and Google before you even make them.

Here's how...

Google often ranks YouTube "Live Events" in the Google search results BEFORE the Live Event is broadcast.

This means if you create a Live Event in your YouTube account and schedule for a few days from now, you can check to see if YouTube and Google rank the Live Event, before you actually make a video.

Creating and scheduling a Live Event FIRST and seeing if it ranks eliminates all the guesswork from video marketing.

The secret is that you don't need a video to create a Live Event and both Google and YouTube will rank Live Events, often within mere minutes of the Live Event being created.

Once you create Live Events, check to see if they rank well. Create videos for the Live Events that do rank and delete the ones that don't.

It's really that simple...and POWERFUL.

You don't need to have a "live broadcast". You can use virtually any video on your PC to use as your Live Event, just upload your videos to Live Events using FREE video streaming software. It's easy.

extreme video

keyword generator

The Tube Tuel is cutting edge software designed to help you discover and create Live Events that rank well in both Google and YouTube.

But that's not all, Tube Tuel also has one of the most advanced and unique YouTube video keyword generation systems you'll find anywhere.

Plus, it has a built-in keyword competition module to help you find videos with the weakest competition.

The Tube Tuel video marketing software has four potent modules:

  1. The Tube Tuel Keyword Generator builds tons of powerful keywords for you.

  2. The Keyword Competition module uncovers the videos with the weakest competition.

  3. Tube Tuel's Live Events Poster makes creating Live Events faster and easier.

  4. Uncovers your Live Events that rank in Google using the Tube Tuel's Rank Checker.

video marketing

<<insert video>>

Live Events Advantage

Both Google and YouTube love Live Events and research shows that Live Events tend to be favored by both.

One of the great things about Live Events is how FAST they rank in both YouTube and Google, often in mere minutes.
And the faster your videos rank, the faster you can make money and drive traffic.

Having a bunch of high-ranking videos means you can:
...and much more!

The Tube Tuel is the FASTEST and EASIEST Way to Rank on YouTube and Google...Guaranteed!

You're Getting the Most Complete and
Powerful Video Ranking Package on the Planet!

                          Ring of Fire
                          SEO Thunder
Tube Tool Software
Toob Ring of Fire Report Video SEO
Thunder Report
Rank Power Index Software & My System
Discovers YouTube Live Events that rank before you make a video.

Exclusive keyword generator

Competition Checker uncovers videos with the weakest competition.
The ultimate guide to "off page" video SEO.

Everything you need to know to set up an automated video syndication and link building system that runs on autopilot.
The most extreme "on page" YouTube ranking guide available.

You're getting tips, tricks, strategies and secrets not available anywhere else for ranking YouTube videos.
Uncovers the authority of YouTube videos and channels.

Plus you're getting my EXCLUSIVE YouTube Channel Authority Builder System report that shows you how to make your YouTube channels

With all the software, reports, systems and resources in your Tube Tuel package, you'll have a the ultimate collection of video marketing "power tools" be able to conquer virtually any niche.

Unlike other products and services, you aren't limited to a single channel or niche.
Exploit all these robust resources to build an empire of videos on multiple YouTube channels that get you real results.

No stone has been left unturned.

no stone unturned

Your Tube Tuel download package is the prefect combination of unique software and exclusive information and strategies that covers all forms of video optimization for both YouTube and Google.

✓ Advanced video keyword generation and competition research
finds the best keywords to use for your videos.
(Tube Tuel Software)

✓ Exploits Live Events for fast and easy video rankings before you even make videos.
(Tube Tuel Software)

✓ Shows you how to build an automated network of links to your videos.
(Toob Ring of Fire Report)

✓ How to take full advantage of the major social media sites to expand the reach of your videos automatically
and to increase your video views naturally and organically.
(Toob Ring of Fire Report)

✓ Increases your video optimization to the highest level possible
with the best and most advanced resource for on-page YouTube SEO.
Includes tips, tricks and secrets you won't find any where else.
(Video SEO Thunder Report)

✓ Gives you access to a huge list of the best free "parasite" sites to exploit for high rankings in Google.
(Video SEO Thunder Report)

✓ Discover how to build authority YouTube channels that will rank your videos for competitive keywords.
(Rank Power Index Software plus My Exclusive YouTube Channel Authority Builder System report)

ultimate marketing
                        resources for both pros and newbies

It doesn't matter if you're brand new to video marketing or have been doing it for years.
Your Tube Tuel package will take your video marketing to a higher level.

that's not all

You're also getting these special bonus resources:

  Never run out of ideas for videos:
More than 2500 Tips Suggestions
Over 4000 "HowTo" Suggestions for videos.

Dominate local business search results with these:
2600 Local Businesses

Discover how you can make money using Google Earth Pro to create videos for free.
(Google Earth Pro is now FREE. It was $395 a year.)
Google Earth Pro Money Report

low one time payment

The Tube Tuel is a Real Investment in Your Future
Get just one high ranking video and The Tube Tuel can pay for itself over and over...and over again.


everything included

Fair Warning: I reserve the right to increase the price at any time and without warning.

No Risk - No Hassle 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Use Tube Tuel and see for yourself. If for any reason you're not happy, just ask for a refund and I'll quickly refund your money. The only thing I ask is that your refund request is polite and respectful.

YouTube accounts and channels
PC with Windows 7 or higher
Video Streaming Software such as WireCast (Recommended: Free-$9.95) or OBS (free)
.Net runtime 4.5.2 or newer

Video Streaming Software:
Tube Tuel will help you create Live Events. However, you will need a third-party program to
upload videos from your PC to YouTube to use for Live Events.

WireCast works well with YouTube and has a free version that places a watermark on your videos.
It also has a cheap version for only $9.95 without a watermark.

OBS is free open source streaming software you can use with Live Events, but I haven't tried and can't say how well it works.

.Net runtime 4.61
.Net is a free program from Windows that is needed to run a variety of Windows programs.
You will .Net for both Tube Tuel and Rank Power Index
It's a good idea to have the newest version installed on your Windows PC.

I provide links to WireCast, OBS and .Net in the ReadMe file included in your Tube Tuel download.

Take advantage of this opportunity while you still can.
The price is going up soon and I may remove this offer altogether in the near future.

The ability to rank in Google and YouTube BEFORE you even make a video
is the most powerful breakthrough in video marketing...ever!


Think about it...doesn't it make sense to find out which of your videos rank before you create them?

Thanks for your time and take care,

Kurt Melvin

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